Water Landscaping Maintenance & Repair

“I enjoy spending time at my pond,” Cindy explains, “so fishing out debris, cleaning the skimmer net, or trimming the lilies isn’t that big of a chore, and gives me more time with the flowers and fish.”

Cindy Lewis

Owner, Coral Bay Waterscapes


A well-designed pond can be virtually self-sustaining, but every pond will need some maintenance. Your average backyard pond will need light cleaning weekly and the plants pruned from time to time. Some ponds may receive a lot of sun, making algae a concern, while others may catch a lot of leaves that fall from a nearby tree. At Coral Bay, we know what to watch for, and we’re happy to help! We can maintain the water quality, keep your plant and animal life healthy and happy, and make your pond or fountain a delight to enjoy.

Give us a call 281-829-3636 or send us an email at coralbaywaterscapes@gmail.com, and let us help you get your pond into great shape. A pond is a terrible thing to waste.


Problems?  We can fix them.

Whether your pond leaks, or your water quality refuses to get up to snuff, or your pump has just given up, we can handle it. But we don’t just fix the symptoms, we evaluate the problem and recommend the right course of action for a lasting solution. Sometimes it makes more sense to retrofit a skimmer or add an external filter or take other action that may, in the short term, seem drastic, but in the long term, you – and your pond – will thank us for it. The choice is always yours, but we will not recommend putting a band-aid on a serious wound just to get your business today at the expense of tomorrow.

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