Choosing the right fountain

A two-piece fountain transforms a simple fence into a gorgeous conversation piece.

If you’re looking for a grand statement, consider a pond with a wide basin.

From a bubbling birdbath to a solid wall of water, the soothing sound and natural sparkle of a fountain can instantly and safely transform a plain surface into a source of pleasure and relaxation.


Even if you already know what kind of fountain you’d like to install, we can help refine your plans to ensure the best possible experience. While this beautiful home (pictured right) was being built, we were able to advise the homeowner as to how and where the electrical and water lines should be installed so that once the driveway was completed, all he’d have to do is plug in the pump. Thinking ahead can tremendously affect how your water feature is enjoyed today, as well as down the road when repairs or maintenance may be needed!

This disappearing water feature complements the smooth modern lines of this new home.

In areas where you don’t want to dig, simple bubbling urns can be an elegant addition without a lot of work.

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