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Step by step PICTURES of a pond being built

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Pond Plans This pond began with just some simple plans drawn on notebook paper.
Eight tons of rock Approximately eight tons of rock in all sizes will fill this pond in just right.  We used large flat stones on the bottom of this pond to make it extra special. 
Where does the pond go? Where to put the pond?  This space was the only choice in this yard...a fig tree sits on one side and crepe myrtles will frame it from behind.
Layout We used garden hoses to mark the two levels of this pond.  The one foot level will hold potted plants that don't like deep water, and the two foot level will be perfect for water lilies and fish.
Starting to dig

The skimmer has been set in at the perfect depth.  Since this determines the level of your pond, it is a very important step.  A large piece of thick flagstone covers the top and will provide a secure place to stand.  The digging on the rest of the pond has begun.


The digging is finished

Finally, the digging has been finished and it is time to add the underlayment and liner.  The flexible tubing that runs from the skimmer (pump) to the waterfall box has been hidden under the berm that will surround the entire pond.  The berm keeps yard water and waste out as much as it keeps pond water in. 

Liner is in place The underlayment and liner is put in place.  We started at the bottom and worked our way up, folding the liner where needed and being very careful with the folds at the top as water can sneak out, without being visible, through any fold that lies too low. 
Rocks are going in Rocks, rocks and more rocks.  This is a crucial step in creating the look of a natural pond plus making it a safe and secure feature.  We used no mortar, just lots of time and patience.
All rocked in Finally, all the rocks and boulders are in place, including steps that lead down into the pond.  This will help when it's time for plant trimming or other maintenance.
Courtyard pond The first filling of the pond and even at this stage its beauty is obvious.  The waterfall stands approx. 2' tall and has a sheer descent which hits a large rock before it reaches the pond. 
The finished pond This pond is finished.  One large koi and several goldfish call it home.  We call it beautiful.