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WelcomE to Coral Bay Waterscapes

We specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of water gardens, fountains, disappearing water features, koi ponds, and waterfalls.  In addition, we can install low voltage lighting to compliment your entire landscape.  As a licensed irrigator, we can also make any repairs or adjustments to your existing sprinkler system that may be needed to accommodate your new water feature project.  If you are a contractor needing help in designing a low maintenance water feature, we also offer design services.

In business since 2003 and with an A+ rating from the Houston Better Business Bureau, we strive to create islands of tranquility in a world of stress.  Give us a call at 281-829-3636 for an estimate on how we can help you.  

The Coral Bay pond system develops an environment that is virtually self-sustaining. We create a natural ecosystem in which the fish and plants feed each other, exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, nurture the good bacteria and eliminate the bad.  When designing fountain features, we strive to create something that will be low maintenance and yet beautiful to watch and hear.

So cross the threshold into water gardening and experience harmony with nature - the Coral Bay way.  We can turn your dreams into a properly constructed reality or offer our own ideas to suit your environment.  Call us!  Let's talk water and see how we can enhance your space.


Some of our latest projects ....


A disappearing stream runs from the back flowerbed up to the patio with a pretty cedar bridge added.





This old fountain below with it's two ponds didn't function properly, so the new homeowners called for help.  The three waterfalls along the wall didn't flow evenly as evidenced by the fact that only two are working in this "before" picture.  It was loud and too robust to enjoy when running all the time and when allowed to sit, the water turned foul.



In this "after" shot (see below) you can see we've cleaned the entire structure, adjusted the waterfalls and most importantly, converted the upper pond into a bog garden to provide the necessary filtration the feature lacked.





We built this custom basin, installed the fountain and added a spray ring to make this customer something unique. 





This customer (below) called for help with her existing pond.  The liner was torn, the interior was shaped all wrong, there was no filtration system, no real skimmer in place... lots of things to fix. 



We had to pull up all the flagstone around the edges so we could remove the old liner.  Along with rebuilding the waterfall area, we reshaped the pond's interior and included a planting shelf.  All new equipment was added to complete the deal and she loves it once again.




Here's another pond we didn't build (see below), but we were asked to return it to life.  It needed a good cleaning, a new pump and a little reworking of the waterfall along with some new landscaping to make it a place the owners would once again enjoy.



And the final results...


What a difference!



The addition of this true koi pond (see below) is actually Phase II for this home.  They enjoyed the first pond we built them so much, they wanted more. 


Hence... the koi pond.  The design is a bit different to accommodate a large koi population, plus it has it's own unique rock waterfall that really makes it special.  We joined it together with the original water feature through landscaping. 


"It is stunning / breath taking / and just down right AWESOME!!! My wife and I have been loving it every evening. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a marvelous job. You are a true artist and craftsman. I would be honored to brag on you."

 Steve H.  May 5, 2011







More of our latest projects...


A small prayer garden for a church.






This little pond's old concrete waterfall couldn't be saved, so instead we sealed and painted the pond's bottom a beautiful blue and created a stone and urn fountain in the middle to give it new life and interest.



We can also install floating fountains and aeration systems in lakes.





Maybe you want a bubbling urn out front... we can do it all.



We also clean, repair and maintain ponds and fountains as well as irrigation repairs and low voltage light installation.  Call us for an estimate.


We are located on the west side of Houston, but we service the whole Houston area.

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Licensed Irrigator #14984
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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